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Our Products & Services

We can quote, design, construct, supply just about all LED and Fibre optic Lighting, even if you have bought LED lights elsewhere and need to have them installed or repaired, we do it all, even some epoxy filled (unserviceable) lights we can still repair them.


Commercial Services
  • SignageShopfront lighting

  • Street lighting

  • Product display lighting

  • Shopfitting lighting

  • Fiber-optic lighting

  • Corporate lighting

  • Traffic light and Marker lighting

  • Automotive LED custom lighting

  • Aircraft LED exterior and interior lighting

  • Australian Military vehicle lighting 

  • Government Installation and safety lighting

  • Energy Management Systems 

  • Solar Grid connect 

Residential  Services
  • Garden LED lighting 

  • Kitchen and bathroom lighting 

  • LED low voltage outside flood lighting

  • Indoor LED Lighting

  • Solar Lighting 

  • Transformers / Inverters

  • Solar Panel Systems 

  • Solar Hybrid Systems 

  • Custom Home Lighting Projects

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Benefits of LED's

  • Environmentally friendly - reduced power use
  • Extremely Durable - Reduced replacement costs
  • Low voltage - Reduced public liability
  • Virtually no heat - Reduced cooling costs 10-20 year life -Reduced maintenance costs
  • 10% lighting costs - Reduced running costs


LEDs can emit an intended colour without the need for colour filters and can produce 16 million colours at the
of a button.

The beam of light from LEDs have no UV conditioning costs.orthermalradiation, and are classified as a cool beam.
LEDs generate less heat than other forms of lighting, making them a safer option as they can be touched while

in operation and are less likely to start fires. They also generate less heat in a room resulting in reduced air





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